Lalylala pattern

Amigurumi,Amigurumi Ayı Emmie Yapılışı. Bobble Sheep – free crochet pattern. An English translation of the free pattern for a small amigurumi rabbit made as a tribute and child to the bigger Rita the Rabbit doll by Lalylala.

Personen sprechen darüber. It is a scissors pocket, pin cushion and hook divider all in one. Click and discover the most wonderful amigurumi patterns by Lalylala !

Guidecentral is a fun and visual way to discover DIY ideas learn new skills, meet amazing people who share. This post contains affiliate links (click here for more info). Thank you for supporting Whistle and Ivy! As August says its last goodbyes, I have been brainstorming fall and winter crochet ideas like crazy.

Say hello to LUPO the lamb! One night he tried to shave a sleeping sheep on the meadow to raise some wool for extra socks. A lalylala SUMMER SPECIAL pattern set sail!

A brave little origami-gurumi paper boat set sail.

His adventure started right away, when Oleg the giant squid came up from the depth. He wrapped his giant tentacles around . Kira can be seen from afar by her long scarlet colored scarf – so the koalas sometimes call her the Red Kira. In her spacious pouch she keeps everyday things and her impressive collection of antique cushion springs – and of course her baby kangaroo feels most at home here. After a furious victory in the . When I first received a couple of Lalylala patterns last year, Fibi the fox was the first one I wanted to make. However, fox hair has a very particular colour and I noticed it was hard finding a colour I thought was right for a fox.

During the holidays I finally decided to just go for it and bought two skeins of this . HEAD Using off white, follow the top-down head pattern (see Basic Shapes: Head Pattern ). BODY Using dark grey and black, follow the pattern for the wide striped caterpillar body, type S(see Caterpillar: Body). HAT Using black, follow the hat pattern with standard plain edge (see Basic Shapes: Hat Pattern ). She is the talented crochet designer behind the popular Lalylala brand. Lydia Tresselt is a passionate textile designer and illustrator, living in Leipzig, Germany. One of the coolest Halloween crochet patterns I have seen in a long time! SWIPE for the second pattern.

This pattern is another that is crocheted bottom-up, in the roun all the way to the top of the head. I personally have a hard time getting the neck how I like if I crochet that way. Hello bug lovers and crochet adventurers!

Grab your research equipment ( magnifying glass, flask of tea, crochet hook, scissors and yarn) and follow us into a world full of magic and science, a microcosm of tiny creatures and big dreams! In this book you will find not only a charming selection of crochet patterns to create . VIOLET the RABBIT with handmade crossstitch is about tall VIOLET the Rabbit is sister of Rita The Rabbit Yarns: cotton Stuffing: 1 polyester filling suitable for stuffed animals and dolls Eyes: safety eyes , black.