Ginja portugal

Erst nach zwei Monaten Mazeration hat er seine gewünschte Farbe und den charakteristischen Geschmack angenommen. Ginjinha wir wahlweise mit oder ohne die eingelegten Kirschen, in Schnapsgläsern . Ginjinha is served in a shot form with a piece of the fruit in the bottom of the cup. It is a favourite liqueur of many Portuguese and a typical drink in . The Portuguese are incredibly fond of this drink, as it was a grand- parent wonder cure for all manner of illnesses, and this love of the drink has been passed onto younger generations.

Kirscharoma mit intensiver Wildkirsche. Cremige im Mun lang anhaltende, intensive Kirsche. Ginja is the shortened name of Ginjinha. Liquor einzigartiger Geschmack und unverkennbar.

Enthält Sauerkirschen mit Gruben in der Flasche. Ursprungslan Portugal. Alkoholgehalt, Vol. Dort ruhen sie für lange Zeit, bevor sie mit Zuckersirup vermischt werden.

Editorial Note: This is a guest post by Marisa Dias Antunes, a Portuguese native who was kind enough to share a very unique perspective on the traditional Portuguese drink, Ginja. An additional thanks to Sonia Nolasco for her translation. GINJA APERITIVO GINGINHA 700ML.

Tage (Ausland abweichend). EUR 1EUR pro 1L inkl. Versandgewicht je Stück: kg. Satz jemand noch eine bessere Übersetzung . I try will to forget, with a few ginjinhas.

For giving a drink to pain is the best way to do that…. Verschluss: Schraubverschluss. Ideal als: Shot, Cocktails. O licor de ginjas de referência de Óbidos! Find out where to drink it.

Ginjaknown as Ginjinha or ginja in Portugal is sour cherry liqueur. I did find a place in Portugal that would ship it, but the shipping was hundreds of euros. Shipping Available Australia Wide.

After a long day of visiting many of the sites in Sintra including a lot of hill climbing, I walked back downhill from the Moorish Castle to the historical center of Sintra.