Zahlreiche Kochmodi für perfekten Reis. Dampfdruck-Reiskocher der Superlative von Cuckoo. Mit Fuzzy Logic Technology und GABA Modus. In verschiedenen Varianten und Größen. This is a short tutorial on how to.

FREE SHIPPING (LOG-IN REQUIRED). It is an electric rice cooker which provides you the best cooking experience. Brilliant little rice cooker Star Review. The fact this is a pressure cooker also swayed my decision.

So far jasmine rice and brown rice have both come out . Was kann der Cuckoo Reiskocher gut? Experience the best rice cookers from No. This rice cooker from Cuckoo is the state of the art engineering marvel.

Jetzt meist versandkostenfrei kaufen! Description: Cuckoo is the no. Brand for the electric pressure rice cooker in the world. All Cuckoo electric pressure rice cooker is made in korea. The pressure cooking allows food to be cooked with . English, Chinese, Korean speak for process.

Pressure cooks food faster at higher temperature. Accessories include : rice measuring cup, rice spatula. Water stagnance prevention. Ultimate Rice Cooker Recipe Book: 2No-Fail Recipes. This Cuckoo Rice Cooker is a pressure rice cooker, and it makes the rice sticker and shinier than any other electric rice cookers.

It can also cook many different types of dishes such as rice cake, steamed stew or meat, etc. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Aluminum rice pot with X-wall marble coating. Washable cover packing and automatic steam cleaning.

Compatible Cover Packing: CCP-D06. Product Type: -Electric . Shop with confidence on eBay! Wir haben die besten Reissorten sowie Reiskocher von Markenqualität, daneben noch eine große Auswahl an Zutaten und Zubehör für Reisgerichte aller Art. It comes in red or white, while the other cookers are both stainless steel and black.

It’s still a pressure cooker, so the white version will cook in only minutes, but this version doesn’t come with the special protective coating that . It has menu settings that include.