Benriner mandoline

Küchen- und Haushaltsartikel online – X Benriner Japanese Mandolin Vegetable Slicer. Made in Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan, the stainless steel blades are actually compressed then heat treate and the sharpening finish is done by hand. This explains the quality of the Benriner blades, . Then a very kind coworker who shall remain . When I was working as a cook, the one item all of us carried in our knife bag was the Benriner Green Mandoline.

This auction is for a vintage Japanese mandoline slicer.

It has the original box, two attachments, and a manual. The mandoline itself weighs about ounces and measures a little over a foot in length. A favorite of chefs, this lightweight mandolin offers the best of Japanese design and everyday practicality. It features four interchangeable, double-edge blades for slicing in either direction.

Shop and save Home at everyday low prices at Walmart. Benriner Mandoline Slicer (Benriner) available from Walmart Canada. Professional French mandoline slicers are usually metal, but Benriners are less expensive plastic alternatives that will work well for many home cooks.

Benriner is a Japanese brand of plastic mandoline style slicers.

There are many brands of such slicers on the market, but Benriner , made in Japan, has . The Standard and Super models come with three additional blades for cutting strips from matchstick to french fries. Benriner mandolines are for easy hand slicing of varying thicknesses. Can be used to make even slices of almost any fruit or vegetable, using the smooth blade, in a variety of thicknesses from 0. Using the julienne blades, the mandoline can be used to make fine, medium and coarse . Very light Mandoline from Benriner Japan.

This Mandolines are great for making consistent slices of fruits and vegetables. Shop for the Benriner selection of Mandoline Slicers. The blade allows you to make slices from 0. We carry every Benriner Slicer model, including the Benriner Japanese Mandoline and Super Benriner Slicers.

They import, export, distribute, and manufacture top brands for all sorts. To get super-thin slices of onion for cooking or eating raw, or for cutting vegetables of uniform thickness to make them au gratin, there is no better tool. Genuine Japanese Benriner brand Mandoline slicer, shredder from Japan.

The shredding blades make fine toothpick width shreds, spaghetti sized shreds or thin french fry sized shreds. I was in a new relationship and eager to impress, and that meant a three-course dinner with . Perfect for creating thick or thin slices for everything from salads to stir fries, this Japanese mandoline makes prep work quick and easy. Interchangeable blades deliver uniform slices in three styles with adjustable thicknesses from 0. Non-skid base and built-in finger guard ensure safe slicing, and mandoline.

Many pro chefs prefer this mandoline due to its unbeatable sharpness and its no-frills, austere design. Wir liefern an Gastronomie, Großhändler, Importeure und Firmen in die ganze Welt.